We are so excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary. There is no way we could do any of this without the partners and supporters who donate goods and services, and are so generous with their time and expertise. 

That's on top of all the legends working in the bars, restaurants, and breweries: running the drinks, making the beer, crunching the numbers, and doing the little things behind the scenes to make every event possible.

 Good Beer Week has involved so many special people over the years and we wish we could give you all a hug and a high-five. Cheers you absolute legends. We couldn't do this without you.


Peter Philip, Chair - David Kitchen - Richard Adamson - Corrina Steeb - Johnny Latta - Dereck Hales - Clare Clouting


Kylie Lethbridge, General Manager - Siobhan Kerin, Head of Events - Kate Paterson, Head of Industry Development - Luke Robertson, Content Producer - Anna Reissig, Membership & Marketing Coordinator - Glen Crawforth, Creative Director - Daniel Thornbury, Web Developer - Mark and Mick, App Developer - Dian McLeod, Photographer - Teddy, office dog


Andre Bishop - Ashur Hall - Becky Centeno - Cassie O'Neill - Clodagh Harris - Craig Williams - Dayvid Clark - Dereck Hales - Evan Cray - Max Pfeifer & Vincent Ryan aka Flamingbros - Geoff Hanson - James Monshing - James Smith - Jayne Lewis - Jess Blackman - JCW - Josh Uljans -  Jules Rozenbergs - Jules White - Karl Van Burren - Lindsy Greig - Lou from Pope Joan - Mariella Mejia - Mark Brown - Matt "#1 Ticketholder" Beggs - Michelle Vanspall - Miro Bellini - Fiona & Mel from Mrs Parma's - Nicolette Gillman - Phil Meddings - Phoebe Veldhuizen - Rory Whittaker - Ruta Marcinkus - Sam Bethune - Steph Howard - Taz Matthews - Tiffany Waldron - Toby Kingsley - Tom Delmont - Tom Madams

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