This Brooklyn Brewery/Tequila Foraleza showcase is the second year Casa NOM has showcased the artisanal beer and spirit crafts of the Americas through our Kindred Spirits program.

This year we will explore the experimental program at Brooklyn Brewery from New York and pair it with one of Mexico's most highly regarded tequila making families and brands.

This pairing will offer the opportunity to experience the extensive flavours and aromas of the geography and produce of North America. Two highly regarded brands with incredible history.

Join us at Casa NOM Bar & Restaurant for this rare matching opportunity. We'll have Australia's ambassador of Brooklyn Brewing and a tequila professional from the Australian Distributor of Tequila Fortaleza to host the night as we discover the Kindred Spirits of North America. Expect some Brooklyn beers never seen in Australia before.


Thu 20 May 7:00pm-9:00pm
No longer available

Casa NOM

110 Greville Street
(03) 8394 5358

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