Staffing a business is difficult at the best of times, let alone in the current climate. Justin Joiner (Stomping Ground) will present a panel of guests, and to learn how they managed staffing throughout the pandemic.

Panellists are:

Roxy Boubis (Stomping Ground)

Alex Dever (Brick Lane)

Pete Walsh (Bodriggy)

Cherry Noble (Blackhearts and Sparrows)

• How we managed the reopening from a staff perspective - there was a sudden shortage of staff and those that were still keen to work were dealing with all sorts of things; anxiety about the virus, their own financial position, relationship issues that had come to a head during lock down, isolation.

• How we dealt with the many staff that came out of lockdown with a fresh plan for their life, keen to head to a new employer or a new role, or even a new industry.

• Plans to manage the ongoing lack of backpackers, international students and other workers that were such an important part of the hospo industry.

• What we think the future looks like in relation to the hospo universe.


Tue 18 May 1:00pm-2:00pm

Beer DeLuxe Federation Square

Federation Square
(03) 9810 0093

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