Tallboy and Moose host Hop Nation (Site Fermentation Project), 3 Ravens and Beer Farm in a grapey beer explosion that will blow your mind!

Each brewery has brought two beers made with wine and/or grapes in extreme concept wine/beer hybrid beverages. A glass of all eight delicious concoctions is included in the ticket price.

The drinks list is as follows:

Tallboy and Moose

Goon of Fortune 4.8% - This beauty 2019 barrel aged blonde has been blended with unfermented Dolcetto grape juice...exclusively served via goon bag!

Noise Machine 5.4% - A clean brew co-fermented with a mountain of Dolcetto grape juice from our friends at Noisy Ritual. Juxtaposed to the sour and funky creations dominating this list.

3 Ravens

Nat Rav 2019 Red White Blend 6.1% - A blend of red and golden barrel aged sour beers aged on red and white grape skins. Brewed in collaboration with Mr West.

Nat Rav 2020 Bloody Shiraz Negroni 9.6% - A blend of bitter, golden and red barrel aged mixed ferment beers aged on gin-soaked red grape skins and orange zest. Inspired by the Negroni cocktail.

Site Fermentation Project

2019 Riesling Sour Blonde 6% Riesling grapes from Jamsheed Wines were added to blonde melange from our foedre. After removing the grapes, this floral and funky beer was aged in barrel.  

Blobfish 2019 Collab 6.5% Mixed house cultures were used to inoculate the wort in ex-Chardonnay barrels. Organic Friulano grape skins from Quealy Winemakers were then added to the barrels where the beer continued to ferment and age for eight months.


Shirazzaweiss 2021 6% - A Beerfarm seasonal classic - this Berliner Weisse base is stacked with a massive heap of Shiraz grapes.

Barrel-Aged Shirazzaweiss 6% - The barrel aged version of this WA fave. More time, more complexity, more gusto! 


Sat 15 May 12:00pm-3:00pm
No longer available
Sat 15 May 4:00pm-Late
No longer available

Tallboy and Moose

270 Raglan Street
(03) 9484 7803

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