Moon Dog, 3 Ravens, Tallboy and Moose and Future Mountain (dream) team up for the ultimate north neighbourhood collab: Prest Club!

Join us at Tallboy and Moose for a bottle poppin’ party and our mega magnum (1.5L fancy bottle) limited bottling launch.

Dress in your Preston best (fancy-ish) and enjoy our fancy Imperial Blueberry sour collab alongside fancy hors d'oeuvres, whilst listening to fancy music with fancy friends.

Wee Man's Kitchen will be serving a tasting plate of the following delicacies - the perfect pairing for our Imperial Blueberry Sour beer:

  1. Smoked oyster w/ pickled blueberry mignonette & blueberry fairyfloss
  2. Haggis tostada w/ blueberry hotsauce.
  3. Lemon, miso and blueberry posset.


Sun 16 May 1:00pm-5:00pm

Tallboy and Moose

270 Raglan Street
(03) 9484 7803

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